Monday, August 22, 2011


While I was living in Ohio this summer I often rode my bike past a house on hwy 84 that was covered in writing.  In addition to the writing on the house there were signs in the yard and the van parked in the driveway was also covered in writing.

Obviously someone was trying to make a statement.  It turns out the guy that lives there is in a 10+ year litigation regarding his brother.  I don't know near enough details to even begin to form an opinion on the matter. 

What I do know is that his brother got in trouble with the law, there were supposedly two separate automobile crash sites, both of which were the spot where his brother had wrecked his car.  According to the guy who lives in the house, there are all sorts of conspiracies upon conspiracies that make this ordeal more and more of a mess.  Throw in a few crooked lawyers, dirty judges, his mother's will and some unscrupulous friends and this guy has become obsessed.

Or maybe he's just passionate?  Anyway - here are few shots from his house - quite an interesting guy, quite an interesting place.

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  1. I've seen this house! I didn't know the back story though... I'm just glad you're posting again. I've missed you guys!