Sunday, November 6, 2011

Training Rethought

Following Tough Mudder I was on a little bit of a high.  I felt awesome and I got a little relaxed.  This week I realized that I was falling behind in my training and I needed to kick it up a notch. I watched this video of some death race training and realized I can make just about anything I do a death race training tool.  Here's the video:

Death Race training incorporation step one.

Heather and I love to play disc golf.  It's a fun, moderately active time but I realized that I could make it more.  So... Heather and I set off the morning and went over to the university to play 9 holes of disc golf.  Here's how I kicked it up a notch.  I took a 20lb kettlebell and did overhead presses from the tee to each throw and then picked up my disc, threw again, and back to the presses.  By the end my arms were starting to feel the burn.  It was awesome.  Next time I think I'll take a cinderblock or something similar and throw it along the way. (Maybe a big river rock if I can find one!)

We had planned on a couple mile trail run after disc golf.  So, we ditched our disc golf gear and I filled my new military backpack that I found at a garage sale yesterday morning (for 10 bucks!) with all the stuff we had in the car.  (poor planning but it worked)  So...disc golf discs, a couple jackets, the kettlebell from before, a dog toy, a pair of cleats, a pair of waders, and Heather's softball mitt were stuffed into the pack, it came out to 36 lbs.  I strapped the backpack on and we headed out onto the trails for a run.

The added 36lbs  slowed me down quite a bit, but I still powered through two miles, barely faster than a walk...13 min miles. But, It felt great.  It's time to write some lesson plans for next week and watch some football!  I'm planning TRX for tonight followed by a 3 miles jog with Heather in the neighborhood.